Diamond Card Customer Appreciation Program - Golf Tour in Da Nang (January 6-8th, 2022)

Events 17/07/2022

In the last months of 2021, although the Covid-19 pandemic brings many difficulties to businesses, Long Bien Investment Corporation still maintains the benefits of Diamond card customers through the successful organization of the program "Gratefulness to Diamond card customers" in Da Nang, from 06 - 08/01/2022.

The golf tour in the Central region has brought many emotional and bonding experiences among golfers. Especially in this year's customer gratitude event, although the epidemic situation has just subsided, the program still took place very safely, friendly and meaningful


Besides professional staff, dedicated customer service, the yard is a key factor to affirm the brand of Tan Son Nhat Golf Course and Long Bien Golf Course in the market. We always want to bring the best value to our customers through the benefits of Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire cards.


Long Bien Investment Corporation invites customers to experience more exciting and cohesive trips in the following years. Wishing businesses strong development & overcome new challenges in 2022.